Digital 121 supports those who need confidence on using modern day technology. From apprehensive beginners to baffled intermediate users we support each person individually.

We understand that in our fast moving world as soon we get to grips with one thing, technology has moved on again. Keeping up with all the jargon and updates is challenging for most but it can be particularly daunting and isolating for people who may not be regular users.

There isn’t much these days that doesn’t require going online. Banks are closing, doctors appointments and prescriptions are becoming digitalised and many businesses are delivering paper free bills as a standard – unless we ‘opt out’.

New to technology?

If you know someone who wants to take the first steps into using technology such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop, we can provide very simple advice and support.  As we all learn differently a bespoke training package will be provided.  We interpret the technology jargon into the language the person uses for example, one of our clients described the Internet Explorer icon   as “the world”.

When helping them to access online shopping, their own bespoke training sheet started off looking like this:-

  • Step one “click on the world” 

Already own a smart phone, tablet or laptop?

Whether you have mastered the ‘basics’ and want to understand more about your device or you have simply put it on charge but are worried about starting it up, we can help you every step of the way.  We won’t patronise or assume you know what we are talking about.  After an informal no obligation chat to discuss what you would like to be able to do on your device we will come up with a personalised plan to help you achieve your goal.